In the past people associated with CAG have worked on community toilet building projects, refurbishing libraries, and installing solar lighting in a communal toilet block.

These are our priorities for the next couple of years.

If you are interested in any of these kinds of things please get in touch. If you have skills that might be used in setting up small scale enterprises in a village setting please get in touch

We have been able to get help from Book Aid International to stock a library in Tafi Atome and another in Alavanyo Kpeve with a huge number of books. We hope to train teachers and others from the community to be volunteer librarians.

We also need to get the pupils to make book shelves to store the books they already have.
The ‘New’ library in Tafi Atome
This is the current public toilet in Alavanyo Deme.

I hope you agree with us that this is not a very suitable toilet for the 21st Century. The next project is to build a Community toilet to replace it.