Lolobi Hub needs Assessment analysed and findings show the desperate desire for a library

A very brief analysis of the needs assessments completed by a sample of the Lolobi Ashambi and Lolobi Kumasi communities.

This is the brief Analysis

From an evaluation of a sample of needs assessment forms all households are strongly in favour of a community library and learning hub in Lolobi.
From the analysis it will be used by all age groups from learners to professionals, upskilling and rewarding for leisure and for the elderly.
Parents are particularly looking forward to it being somewhere where the young will gather rather than “loitering around and involving themselves in unhealthy activities”
Comments were made about the fact it will be a place where children and young adults can work and study in a quiet place.
All respondents were willing to volunteer their time and skills from labouring, carpentry, electrical work to helping run the library and a number expressed the desire that it should be completed as soon as possible.
Most of the written comments were about how the community library would help the children progress their education and one comment expressed the need for books for the elderly who were educated, and in need of the stimulation that books can bring.

Here are a couple of copies of the forms and their authors

Delali Norviewu and son
John Mawudeku


And you knew there was going to be a but.
We need your donations to help make this a reality. Book Aid International has agreed to stock the library and another development charity has donated six fully refurbished laptops for the computer hub . Please dig deep so we can rebuild the walls, plumb in the toilets and get the books on the shelves and chairs and tables ready for everyone to appreciate all the facilities.