Terrific Donors + Reliable Partners = An excellent year.

We have just finished the accounts for the year and everything adds up. The accounts show what a good year the charity has had despite the constraints of the global pandemic. They also show what reliable, trustworthy partners we have in Ghana.
Through your donations, adding up to £9,851 we have been able to:
* fund huge progress on building the Alavanyo Agome toilet block, and have sufficient in hand to finish it

* totally renovate the Alavanyo Kpeve community library

* facilitate the donation of 3,000 books from Book Aid International
* fund a successful Geological survey finding a good source of potable water for Gbedema Kofi

All in all a superb effort made possible by donations from all over the world
Thank you all so much

Of the £9,851 donations we have spent £183.50 on running the charity.
Which means we have only spent 1.8p from every pound donated on admin and running costs. Leaving 98.2p for the charitable works.

The charity is run entirely by volunteers which is why nearly every penny raised can go straight to Ghana. Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered for us over the past year and especially to the lovely students from the London School of Economics who have devoted their time to Community Action Ghana – we couldn’t have done it without you.

In the coming year we hope to be able to finish the toilet block in Alavanyo Agome, renovate a library in Alavanyo Wudidi and one in a suburb of Hohoe as well as provide the borehole, pump, water tank and tower in Gbedema Kofi.

We can only do this with donations.
If you know of any individuals or organisations we could give talks to about our work please give them our details and let us know.
Thank you all again for your kind and generous support.


Alavanyo Agome Toilet block progress

After a short break the community is working on the toilet block again. We were wondering why they were progressing so slowly. We found out that the community work day was being used to improve facilities in the primary school and sadly attend funerals of prominent members of the community.

The organisation of the community work is impressive and as everyone does their bit it is recorded. One of our final tasks is to give all of the participants a certificate of appreciation for their work. These records of the participants allow us to do this.