Gbedema Kofi Have a New Water supply

A community near Ho approached us through Clemence as their water supply leaves a lot to be desired.

The water supply before

Collecting “drinking” water
Might be used for cooking or washing
And it’s a long walk back home

And then After it was built

After its easier and a shorter walk home on the level
And a place to chat
Even bachelors make use of it,

The Leos of Cambridge High School in New Zealand did a fund raiser to allow us to do a geophysical survey of the area to see if potable water was available at a reasonable depth.

Geophysical survey
Result 1. Blue shows drill site

Result 2. Blue shows second possible site

It found two possible places to drill with a strong possibility of finding a good supply of clean water.

We made a proposal to Green Hall foundation who provided the major funding for the project, A friend, Wolfgang, gave a donation that covered the rest of the costs so we could get started.

On Christmas eve and over the Christmas holidays the community built the water tower to put the polythene holding tank on. After a couple of setbacks due to the drilling rig getting stuck trying to reach the site it arrived on site mid February.

Everything then accelerated and the water supply was connected and wired up on the 11th of March. A huge thank you to everyone involved.