Fantastic Irish Volunteers raising Funds for the Projects in Ghana

Retired, Semi retired, Fully employed?
What are you going to do with your Saturday morning?
Well two wonderful people Ann and Jim decided to some uncluttering.
Then what? Put it all in the bin, have a trip to a recycling centre, put it in a skip?
All these pre loved items that had been kept, just in case they were needed (which they weren’t), were cleaned up and taken along to the local ‘car boot’ sale.

The proceeds are going to help our projects in Djelukofi and Lolobi.
They may turn into cement blocks to build a communal toilet or a wall in a library.
Or to become shelves to display the books in the library.
Or desks for the students at the Lolobi community (and there over 4000 of them) to work at in the library or computer room.
Or lights so the students can study at night. (In the tropics its dark by 6.00 pm)

Isn’t that a brilliant way to declutter and help others less fortunate.

A huge thank you to Jim and Ann and everyone who turned up and bought the items.

If you would like to raise funds for us please contact us for some hints and tips.

Ann at the stall
Jim with all the goodies
And people came to buy


Your wonderful contributions to world book day

Thank you.

Over the years we have been working in Ghana we have refurbished and with the help of friends and Book Aid International stocked five community libraries.

These libraries are extremly well used. Some from six in the morning till late at night.

All of this is through your contributions. So this is just a thank you very much for your donations and suport. Please enjoy the photos of the libraries being used.

If you can contribute to the next library we are refurbishing in the Lolobi Communities we would appreciate it but even more so the thousands of people there who would use it.