Fantastic visit to projects and identifying new ones

The trustees Adrian and Heather visited Ghana from 17th to 27th February to see how current projects were doing and to identify new projects. We set off From Heathrow with British Airways with 172 Kg of luggage! We go BA because its a non stop flight and as you can see, their luggage allowance is great. As we pay for our own flights it is the most cost effective and convienient way of travelling.

We were met at Kotoka International airport in Accra at 9pm by the third trustee Alyrene, who had travelled out a few days earlier, Clemence our project manager, and Christian a driver we had had before in his beautifully kept air conditioned minivan.

The next day we left for Alavanyo. We stopped for lunch at the Akosombo dam, where Heather and Adrian had set off on their adventure to Timbuctoo during the 1968 Easter holidays. They were teaching in Ghana having been recruited by VSO to work in schools in the Volta Region.

172Kg luggage ready to go.
Christian, Clemence & Heather with Volta river behind.

We spent the next six days based at Alavanyo Dzogbedze. We travelled by the less salubrious but very efficient Tuktuk driven by Amos.
First to Kpando to buy material from the market. We needed the material to give to various seamtresses to make bags to sell on Etsy, at craft fares, and for the fair trade shop in Hameln. This not only provides us with a source of income for our projects but gives work to the seamstresses and their apprentices.

Amos with his trusty Tuktuk
Comfort selling us wonderful cloth
Alyrene and Clemence buying more
Edna making bags at Lolobi
Edemironing the bags Charlotte has made
Evelyn making bags at Dzogbedze
Having a laugh about how many pieces we have bought
Apprentice seamstresses showing off their handywork.

To be continued…………………………………………………..