Community Library in Alavanyo

In the Alavanyo community, where we are currently working on building more toilets, there is also a need for a community library. We identified a room in the Technical High School in Alavanyo Kpeme that is used as a school library at the moment but needs a thorough renovation. We are currently gathering funds to refurbish it. Please donate.

The refurbishment will mean putting in a ceiling with ceiling fans, more and better lighting, more shelving and tables and painting the walls. To share the costs and to involve the community the students, under the supervision of the teachers, will make the furniture, install the ceiling and paint the walls as part of their practical activities.

Book Aid International is donating 2000 books for this library and with your help it can be up and running by the end of the year.

The current library in Alavanyo
The new library in Tafi Atome

In 2009 we were working in Tafi Atome in Ghana’s Volta Region building a communal toilet. People asked if we could help provide a library, so using a spare office at the Monkey Sanctuary as the library, we sent money to make shelving, and provided a library kit of stamps and cards etc. We collected 2 cubic meters of books from friends and acquaintances and sent them to the library. An American visitor was so impressed that the village had started a library she donated funds for a building. On our visit in 2019 we realised that whilst the building was there it really needed many more books so we are working with Book Aid International to send 1000 books later in 2020.