Thank you very much. Because of you new books collected

Because of the generosity of regular donors, and donations to our latest appeal, we have been able to release the latest donation of books, from Book Aid International, from Ghana’s customs. The funds raised also allowed us to transport them to Alavanyo.

Clemence, our project manager in Alavanyo, made all the arrangements for the books to be collected from Accra and transported to Alavanyo. They are pictured below; unpacked, sorted and stamped . All books are stamped with the Book Aid International stamp.

This could not have happened without your financial help. So a huge thank you.

In Dorfor Adidome we are going to refurbish a room in the primary school, that they have set aside as a community library.

We were recently complimented by an eminent public health professional, Professor Sir Muir Gray (Director of The Optimal Aging Program Oxford University), for our work in providing toilets and libraries. In his opinion the the two most important strategies for improving public health are clean water and education – and toilets are vital in keeping water courses clean. We are honoured and humbled by his appreciation of what we are doing.

The work goes on.