A new roof suddenly appears

The carpenters at Dorfor Adidome have been hard at work. We are always amazed at the speed a roof goes on. A combination of hard work and skill.

The next stage is fitting out the interior and plumbing everything in. Usually we build KVIP toilets with the communities we work with. However, the community of Dorfor Adidome requested a WC system, initially we had reservations, but the central positioning of the toilet block in the village and the desire of the community to have one has meant we agreed. Our strapline is “The communities’ priorities are our priorities” and this is what the community requested we help with.

We are putting in drainage channels for after the effluent has been through a septic tank and aim to plant fruit trees alongside the channels to make use of the nutrients coming from the septic tank.

As with all of our projects, we will monitor the results closely and evaluate this toilet system before we commit to any other water based systems.

We have been in discussions about compost toilets and will be visiting a project next month that is converting the KVIP system into a compost system.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress and the evaluation and thank you to our generous donors and to the hard work and commitment of the Dorfor Adidome community.


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