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Library Windows and Floor

The library is being painted and generally cleaned up for the books arriving at the end of the year. But the windows, if you can call them that, are in rather a state of disrepair. I think you will agree, they need replacing. The floor has also started to disintegrate and needs a new thick skim of strong cement. If you would like to help repair these you can either donate directly or nominate Community Action Ghana as your Amazon Smile Charity or as your Easyfundraising nominated charity when you shop online.

These louvre windows have seen better days.
This floor needs some TLC.

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Library Books Scheduled to Arrive

What would a library be without books? Well with financial contributions from Community Action Ghana the community of Alavanyo have almost finished renovating their library, putting in a new ceiling and making furniture. The WONDERFUL Book Aid International is getting ready to ship 2,000 books for them. The library in Tafi Atome that Community Action Ghana initiated in 2010 will also be getting 1,000 books to restock their shelves.
The books should arrive in December or January 2021. What a wonderful New Year Present. Thank you Book Aid.

Tafi Atome Library
Book cases ready for the books in Alavanyo Library

Making the tables in Alavanyo Library

Ceiling fans installed in Alavanyo Library

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Digging the Pit Continues

For the last couple of weeks the community volunteers have been working on a water project for the village. But now they are back on the toilet block project. We really need to congratulate the workers who are still digging out the pit. When finished it will be 40′ by 10′ by 8′ deep (12m x 3m x 2.5m). That is about 100 tonnes of soil that needs digging out and as you can see it needs pickaxes to soften the laterite (the reddish iron and aluminium rich soil) .

Pickaxes hard at work
Only about 5′ (1.5m) to go!

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The library ceiling goes up

The first job in renovating the library for the communities of Alavanyo is to put the ceiling up. All of the holes allowing bats to get into an enclosed ceiling space are now blocked so the ceiling can go up. In mitigation of depriving the bats of a comfortable roost we are investigating the possibility of using any left-over pieces of wood from the furniture building to make some bat boxes to put up in the school grounds.

Does anyone have the dimensions needed for a bat box?

Measuring ceiling strips
Cutting the strip

Fitting the first strip

The first strips are fitted in small pieces as the ceiling is wider than the full length of the strips. The full length strips will then cover the rest of the ceiling.

Fixing the holder for the main ceiling strips
The strips then go up easily.
The ceiling is finished

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Donations are rolling in

Two of the Trustees, Adrian and Heather, celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary and to help them celebrate people donated to the current projects. Here is a short clip from Alavanyo from a volunteer at the toilet site and students at the library site thanking everyone.

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The Pit

The hard work begins.

The pit for the pit latrine is measured out.
Here is Clemence Kitsi, Project Manager, carefully marking out the dimensions from the plans drawn up by the Kumasi Institute of Technology.



Accuracy needed

Then the ground breaking and back breaking work begins. Here are volunteers digging the pits.

The start is hard.
The really hard work starts.

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Work starts on the library.

Work has started on the Alavanyo Community Library. The students at Alavanyo Secondary Technical High School are renovating the room as part of their practical lessons, under the supervision of their teachers. This library will be used by the whole community as well as the students.

Materials for renovation arriving at the Alavanyo Technical High School
Transporting a ceiling!
Termite proofing the timbers
Putting up the framework 1
Putting up the framework 2

We still need more donations to complete the renovations. Please donate today to help the community access the education they deserve.

We are also looking for a volunteer libriarian to train the teachers or members of the community how to run the library. Either by travelling to Ghana or deliering the training remotley you would make a huge difference. Contact us for more information about volunteering opportunities.

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Libraries are important

In the Alavanyo community, where we are currently working building more toilets, there is a need for a community library. We identified a room in the Technical High School in Alavanyo Kpeme that is used as the school library. It needs thorough renovation. We are currently gathering funds to refurbish it.

The refurbishment will mean putting in a ceiling with ceiling fans and better lighting, more shelving and tables and painting the walls. As part of their practical work the students, under the supervision of their teachers, will make the furniture, paint the walls and install the ceiling. This not only keeps the costs down but involves the community in their project.

Book Aid International are providing 2000 books which should be delivered by the end of 2020.

To make sure the room is ready please donate so this community infrastructure is ready in time for the books.

The current library in Alavanyo Kpeme
The new library in Tafi Atome

In 2009 we were working in Tafi Atome in Ghana’a Volta Region building a communal toilet. People asked if we could help provide a library, so using a spare office in the Monkey Sanctuary as the library, we sent money to make shelving and provided a library kit of stamps cards etc. We collected 2 cubic meters of books from friends and acquaintances and sent them to the library. An American visitor was so impressed that the village had started a library she donated funds for a building. On our visit in 2019 we realised that even though the building was there it really needed many more books. We are working with Book Aid International to send 1000 books later in 2020

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So many volunteers

We ordered 100 masks for the volunteers on the project from Charlotte in Alavanyo Deme but we needed another 50. What a fantastic response from the village. Thank you each and every volunteer.

Making the masks
Clemence handing out masks
Trying it on
Advising on social distancing
Preparing block mixture
Hand washing

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