Volunteer Kit List

Not a comprehensive list but the ones in BOLD are essential

Malarial Tablets

Insect repellent spray

Sun screen (factor 50)

A cap or hat

Long sleeved shirt for evenings

Long trousers for evenings

Mosquito net

Your personal medication if any. Enough for the whole trip and some spare (just in case)

Personal basic medical kit (there is a comprehensive HSE first aid box at each project)

Personal hygiene kit

Re-hydration sachets

Comfortable strong footwear

Sufficient day wear (washing is by hand, drying by sunlight)

Flip flops for use in washing areas

Torch/es and spare batteries. A head torch is useful

A power-bank for your phone and associated plugs and cables. SIM cards are available at reasonable cost and top ups available in most villages no matter how small.

Ghana plugs are the same as UK plugs

Sheet sleeping bag or similar (single duvet)



plates/mug/cutlery (just in case)

Thin blanket or opening sleeping bag (one or two season) useful for pre-dawn chill