Volunteer Carpenters finish work on Amazing Lolobi Hub roof

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Four volunteer carpenters from the village of Lolobi Ashiambi in the Volta region of Ghana are busy repairing the roof. They are being helped by a number of labourers. All of them are giving up their time repairing this building for use by the village.

Community Action Ghana has provided the new roofing sheets and timbers. These are necessary for a new roof that will last at least thirty years. This work has made the building weatherproof and ready for the next stage of renovation.

In less than a week the carpenters have fully replaced the roof so now it is totally waterproof. It looks amazing.

Just look at the difference a week makes.

We need to finish the renovation but to do so we need your help with fundraising.


Volunteers removing the rotten iron roofing sheets
and the rotten timbers


Shiney new Ghana produced Aluminium roofing
Just the last corner to do

The next stage will be to remove some internal walls and to glaze the windows. When it is finished it will host a library, a computer room, a sewing workshop and other rooms for use by the community.

The proposed floor plan encompasses all of the requests from the Village Development Committee who have asked Community Action Ghana to work with them to create this hub for use by both of the Lolobi communities

Rough floor plan of the Hub


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