A New Life for a Tired Building?

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Help us turn this into a fully functioning library with the community of Lolobi Ashambi.

It was wonderful in it’s hay day in the 1960s
but it needs lots of TLC

It has a well thought out floor plan
but needs rescuing soon

Deer Park School Cirencester England has donated £234.50 and the Leos of Cambridge High School New Zealand have raised and pledged $500 for this project. Once renovated this building will become the thriving hub of the village of Lolobi Ashambi.
But we are a long way from being able to turn this building into a library.
Will you join in and make it a reality?

Our project manager in the Volta region of Ghana is assessing the building and working out how much it will cost to rescue it and turn part of it into a library. The village development committee is assessing how else it will be used. Possibly a digital hub and sewing workshop to train seamstresses and tailors. To make this a reality we need your donations and when the time comes help stock it with good quality relevant materials and equipment.

We have successfully renovated other libraries such as the one used by students at Gbi-Wedbe Basic A School and Alavanyo Senior High Technical School where Pearl is the Library Prefect and keeps good care of the books and the community who read them.

Students in the Library at Gbi-Wedbe Basic A School
Students in the Library at Gbi-Wedbe Basic A School


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