Research based Geological survey gives new water project green light.

The geological survey paid for by the wonderful fundraising efforts of the Student Leos in Cambridge High School New Zealand has been done.
Two very promising sites have been identified.
So now we really need everybody’s efforts to raise the almost £4000.
This will let us
drill the borehole,
put in the pipes and pump,
build the water tower,
put the 5000l tank on,
plumb it all together.

Which means that people will no longer have to do this

or this

For the techncally minded here are some photos of the survey being carried out and the full report. In the report the bluest places are where the possible drilling sites are.

Click anywhere on the photo to load a pdf of the report


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  1. I am really impressed about the activities in this project. Local people carry out the work to improve their own living situation. The trustee family Rosser organizes support from all over the world. Photos document the progress of the work, thus the use of the money is obvious for the donors.

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