Brilliant High School Graduates to form a reading club.

In 1967, Adrian, one of the trustees of Community Action Ghana, headed to Lolobi as a VSO volunteer. He was assigned to teach at St. Mary’s Junior Seminary. So, you can imagine our excitement when the Lolobi community asked for our help to renovate an old building. Their plan was to turn it into a Community hub, starting with a library and a computer suite. In June, Adrian, his daughter Alyrene (also a trustee of the charity), and his granddaughter Maya went to Lolobi to assist with the project.

The community has done an incredible job and made impressive progress on the project. This place will soon hold more than 4,000 books donated by Book Aid International and six laptops donated from Christian Aid.

While some high school graduates were busy organizing the books, they had a great idea. They asked if they could start a reading club for the young people in the community. We were thrilled by their initiative. Below is their letter to the village elders, formally requesting permission to do this. This experience will be a valuable addition to their resumes, especially since job opportunities for high school graduates, in Ghana are limited. It’s heart-warming to see people of all ages and skills getting involved in the community project.

Please take a look at their proposal below. But before you do, remember that we need your help to continue providing facilities like this library. Click the donate button before you leave the site to support our cause.


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