An Amazing Week in the Alavanyo Villages

First in Alavanyo Wudidi Library

In Alavanyo Wudidi the carpenter Eric Nyarku, his son Prosper and his apprentice Kwame Amewu have been putting the finishing touches to the tables. They are making carrels so that people studying do not disturb each other and in the current pandemic climate they help prevent the spread of the virus. As you can see they have made the tables and dividers from scratch. No going to the furniture store and just buying some imported item. So now the library is almost ready for the books from Book Aid International which are being shipped at the moment.

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Marking out the table
Building the frame
Frame finished
Marking out the locally produced plywood
Fitting the dividing board
Finished carrels

Thank you very much Eric, Prosper and Kwame for your work.

And in Alavanyo Agome working on the Community Toilet

The community have been working really hard to get the concrete slab with the squatting holes cast before the rain and termites destroy the wooden shuttering. As you can see there has been a really good turnout. Everyone no matter their status in the community get involved and The Chief of the Youth Sohafia in his red T shirt was as busy as anyone mixing the concrete. Soon we can start on the cubicles and roof. Thank you everyone at Alavanyo Agome and thank you to everyone who has donated. BUT we still need more to complete all of the projects so if you can please donate.

Preparing the mixture
Sohafia, the Chief of the Youth organisation, mixing the concrete
Finished slab and squatting holes


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