Imagine this is how you got water.

This morning I expect you got up. Went to your indoor bathroom, did your number ones and twos. Flushed the toilet had a wash, shower or bath. All without leaving the comfort and warmth of your own house.

It’s not like this for many people in the Volta region of Ghana. The pictures below show what the Gbedema Kofe community near Ho have to do to get the water they need to wash, prepare their food and in some cases drink. This community has sent us a request for help to drill a borehole, and build a reservoir tank with a couple of taps so they do not have to collect the water from this stream.
It was International Womens Day this month and most of the women in this community spent it collecting water from this source. They had to walk away from the village and carry the heavy containers back home. This is a cause of anxiety as this is where they might meet snakes and other predators. They are not asking for the world just a safe source of water.

How much? The estimates are that if Community Action Ghana, with your donations, put in £4,000 the village contribute £2,000 in labour and materials, they can have this in a matter of weeks.

Please can you or an organisation you know help. We will willingly give talks to individuals or groups anywhere in the world (using video links). Please help us fulfill this simple request.

Many times each day I collect water.
I bring my son or daughter to help.
That blue bucket of water weighs 5kg. It is too much but what can I do?
This is what your donations could provide.


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